Meet our Permanent Residences ...........

 WINDY originally came from theIindian reservation where her and her foal were rounded up and taken to the auction. We saved her from the killer buyer that purchased them. She had never been handled and was in poor health. We came to find out shortly after that she was also carrying another foal.  Both foals were successfuly adopted out and Windy eventualy became our number one lesson pony

CHARLIE was rescued from the euthanasia list at MCACC west. He is now one of our family members. This is his before and after picture.

DAISEY was rescued from the livestock auction 10 months pregnant. She was so malnourished we didnt realize she was pregnant untill we got a closer look at her at home. We had only 30 days to get her prepared for her delivery. All went well and she delivered IZZY a beautifull filly. Daisey is now one of our ponys in our lesson program.